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High-tech shoes and apparel “wear” on the body

Levi’s famous jeans brand production of music jacket.
Nike and Apple co-operation, the sneakers and iPhone, iPod features combined.
It’s cloth buried in a variety of perfumes, the use of liquid flow control system spraying.
Emotional clothes have their own “nervous system”, can change the fragrance according to different environments.
Emotional luminous jewelry using the principle and emotional clothes similar, but also based on body temperature, blood circulation and other human body changes control, the use of two LED emit different colors.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; In the next few years, our closets will be filled with such smart clothing u0026 mdash; u0026 quot; smart shirts u0026 rdquo; u0026 quot; capable of reading out the body’s heartbeats and breathing frequencies ; To display text in the chest and the image of the T-shirt US science and technology media predict that the future of clothing will become a real “multi-functional portable high-tech products”, a clothes can play music, video, adjust Temperature, surfing the internet. People do not have to put Mp3s, PCs, or air conditioners in their pockets or on their shoulders, simply by putting them “on the body” for a relaxing time.
In the ever-changing technology today, all kinds of new features of electronic products for our life to bring unlimited creativity and convenience. Among them, small and exquisite, easy to carry, functional and practical products are particularly welcomed by the vast number of consumers. Therefore, the electronic industry and the computer industry are gradually emerging a new trend – designed to wear and clothing “integrated” high-tech products.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 ldquo; Smart clothing u0026 rdquo; into a fashion trend
So far, many of these types of products have been introduced to the market, but most of them are not well integrated with clothing, it does not look good enough. How to make a dress with a variety of electronic products, but also to maintain the original appearance of clothes? This has become the direction of the joint efforts of the electronics industry, computer industry and the fashion industry. Some media bold predicted that in the near future, the boundaries of digital products and clothing will become increasingly blurred, the future of electronic products can be perfectly “hidden” in the clothing; and the future of clothing turned into a can ” Wear “the computer on the body. [Previous] [1] [2] [3] [Next]

Indian physicians develop heels and footlights

Two physicians in Chennai, a technology-heavy city in southern India, have worked together to develop a generator set in a high heel to produce faint electricity through the vibrations and pressures of walking and to supply small lamps installed in the sole, Illuminating the pavement around the pedestrian in the dark for increased walking safety is said to be more suitable for rescuers, miners and climbers.
According to “Central News Agency” reports, parry bull and Abraham two physicians told the media on the 9th, research and development inspired by the daily hearing of women wearing high heels walking on the stone’s voice, if the daily From morning to night ringing heels into energy, it can benefit many human beings.
Kumar said the idea is simple, making it simpler. Mainly to see children’s shoes, the manufacturer built in the heel by the foot pressure to start the battery-powered flash device. So decided to research and development in the heel with a generator to generate electricity on their own.
As long as taking one step, he said, a small power generator in the heel would be activated to generate faint electricity that could be stored in an attached small battery first, at night or in a dark corner Use, start switch can be used.
Kumar said the electric power is enough to supply a small light or illuminator in the shoe so that it can illuminate the surrounding roads as it walks at night and can also be used to power the heel Electronic equipment.
Abraham also added that it is more suitable for rescue workers, miners, climbers to use, in addition, can also be installed in the steps of the stairs, when set foot on the ladder, the pressure will start the generator and produce Electricity, illuminating the illuminator that hides the edge of the step, can even illuminate the entire passage, especially in the event of a power outage or emergency.

Olympic shoes technology hot wheels

u0026 nbsp; 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles, more than 100 ligaments, thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels, as Tathagata, the human foot is art and engineering Masterpiece After we walked upright from the human ancestors in the African steppes, we gave our weight completely to our feet and let it bear double the load of the animals on the limbs. Despite the availability of tons of studies every year, we still have not fully understood the subtle interrelationships between legs, feet, shoes and ground under different sports conditions.
Shoes are uncomfortable only with the toes know u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Two little “motors”
Early canvas vulcanized rubber soles, bulky enough for almost straight forward metal head football shoes, Owens at the Berlin Olympics running shoes, trapeze Jordan shoes, Stan u0026 middot; Smith tennis shoes, Lewis’ Ceramic spikes, Jones’s “crystal shoes”, Johnson’s “plumeria shoes”, Liu Xiang’s “red magic shoes”, how many legends for people familiar and relish. The history of sports shoes, leaving an era of scientific footprints everywhere.
Today’s Olympic Games are no longer low-tech sports, “faster, higher, stronger” Olympic Games has become “more scientific”.
Although an array of sports shoes, but the basic principle is roughly the same. Its primary function is to absorb shocks from the ground. When a person’s running speed reaches 6 meters per second, the load on the soles of the feet is about 4 times of the weight, 7 times higher on the long jump and twice on both feet in the triple jump directly collides with the hard ground, the peak impact force can be More than 20 times the weight of the body, strong vibration will spread to the ankle, knee, hip so that the spine and brain. Thanks to our heel fat pads and natural “spring system” foot arch effectively resist this injury. Modern athletic shoes place a highly compressive compliant material in the heel of the shoe, allowing it to absorb impact kinetic energy through its own largest amount of deformation. Some sports shoes will be made in the end of the “waffle” shape, and some rubber soles placed in the sole and air cushion, play a role in damping the car under the spring chassis. [Previous] [1] [2] [3] [4] [Next]

Hongxing Erke cool series of shoes to win the Olympic Games

u0026 nbsp; You control the temperature, you decide the outcome! Fight with nature, compete with yourself, stay ahead of yourself or keep the record yesterday? Sometimes a difference, let you judge two. The difference between the first and second place is not 0.01 seconds or 0.1 meters, but rather whether your status is maintained to the best. Break or imprisonment? Erke icy series for you to find the answer – TO BE No.1 No.1!
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Ice core fiber
The icy series uses ice core fiber, a new synthetic fiber that contains a large amount of hydrophilic groups. Therefore, the fabric made from ice core fiber has good hydrophilicity, Keep the skin soft, smooth and cool Ice core fibers have the characteristic of keeping the skin temperature comfortable than any other fiber because it absorbs and sweats quickly. Ice core fiber is also a very light material (specific gravity 1.25), as if it were a part of the skin, so it does not get bigger nor wrinkle easily.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Instant heat conduction
Icy series of clothing through the vaporization of heat and control of body temperature rise, maintaining a balanced body temperature. Excessive body temperature will lead to the decline of physical function, low exercise capacity, shadow to blood, tired heart, weak physical strength. Therefore, the cool series of clothing, so you always maintain the best competitive state. After the rest, Icy series of clothing to prevent rapid decline in body temperature, out of the sweat do not feel slimy, nor because of sweating and cold, so do not feel tired.
Ice series of running shoes The entire upper surface of a large area with ice core fiber sandwiched nylon mesh, excellent breathability, a full range of movement will be generated in the heat and humidity shoes out , Keep the shoes dry and fresh. More importantly, the thermal conductivity of the material is very good, when wearing a cold feeling, as if breeze blowing people relaxed and happy. These can make you have a better state of movement, so that your feet become your motivation. In any environment can be freely and easily control the overall situation.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Hongxingkeke Icy series, let you control their own pace, ran out of their own piece of heaven and earth. [Previous] [1] [2] [Next]

Electrical performance protection shoes

Electrical Performance Protective Footwear is a personal protective equipment used to protect the feet of protective shoes, including anti-static shoes, conductive shoes and electrical insulation shoes, to prevent electrostatic and electric shock injuries.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Electrostatic harm to the human body
Electrostatic harm to the human body: causing psychological disorders, resulting in fear and emotions, which led to accidents, but also because of electrostatic shock caused by skin burns and dermatitis. The main hazard of static electricity is the occurrence of flammable and explosive accidents in industry, thus endangering the lives of operating personnel and causing significant losses in production facilities.
Electric shock injuries are common occupational accidents that can be classified as contact electric injuries and non-contact electric injuries. The former is mainly current injury, it can damage the internal body tissues, such as the heart, respiratory system, nervous system and so on. The light of acupuncture, sense of combat, there trembling, spasms, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat until unconsciousness; severe ventricular fibrillation can occur, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest and death. The latter is mainly electric arc injury, manifested as electric imprint, electric burns, skin carbonation, severe cases can be deep muscles, bones and internal organs.
Electrophysiological studies of humans showed that the perceived current of humans averaged 1.1 mA for adult males and 0.7 ma for adult females, and averaged 16 ma for adult males and 10.5 ma for females out of the current. When the electric shock current is greater than the current out of time, the electric shock can not take the initiative to get rid of the power, without external help, it will extend the electric shock time, the risk of death. Hand, foot is the most vulnerable parts of the current through the human body.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Classification of electrical protective footwear
Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes can be divided into leather shoes and cloth shoes at the end of the material, according to the production process can be divided into adhesive adhesive tape, injection and molding categories. Electric insulation shoes can be divided into leather shoes, cloth rubber shoes, plastic rubber shoes and plastic shoes. Leather shoes by the production process can be divided into adhesive type, molded category, injection type and seams. Anti-static shoes is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, but also to prevent the following 250V power shock protective shoes. Conductive shoes is a good conductive properties, in a short time to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the body, can only be used in protective shoes without danger of electric shock. Insulating shoes is to make people’s feet and charged objects insulated to prevent electric shock injury protective shoes.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Electrical performance protection shoes technical requirements
Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes according to GB4385-1995 “anti-static shoes, conductive shoes technical requirements” provides that the resistance range of 100k ~ 1000M and not more than 100k. Among them, leather shoes should be consistent with the provisions of GB1002-1005; Cloth shoes should be consistent with HG / T2495 requirements. Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, the main technical performance in addition to electrical properties, there are outsole wear, the upper edge of the adhesive strength, outsoles folding, outsole wear, peel strength into shoes and other standards. [Previous] [1] [2] [Next]

Shortcomings of injection products, causes and prevention

u0026 nbsp; First, the shortcomings of injection products:
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (1) Inadequate product injection;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (2) Product spill;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (3) Product dents and bubbles;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (4) product has mark;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (5) The product is crisp;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (6) Plastic discoloration;
(7) Products silver, markings and flow marks;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (8) Product gate muddy;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (9) Product Warpage and Shrinkage;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (10) product size is not allowed;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (11) Product paste mold;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (12) material paste flow path;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; (13) Nozzle salivation.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Second, the causes and ways to overcome:
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ⒈ how to overcome the lack of product injection
Inadequate product injection often results from the fact that the material is cured before the cavity is filled, and of course there are many other reasons.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ⑴ equipment reasons:
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ① Hopper interrupt material;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ② Hopper necks partially or completely blocked;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ③ feeding amount is not enough;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ④ feeding control system is not operating properly;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ⑤ injection molding machine plasticizing capacity is too small;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ⑥ Equipment caused by the injection cycle anomalies.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; ⑵ injection conditions reasons:
① injection pressure is too low; [Previous] [1] [2] [3] [4] [Next]

Sneakers cushioning material

1. Midsole material:
EVA: Currently the most widely used damping material. The main ingredients are vinyl acetate, ethylene, n-butyl acrylate polymer, foam after the formation of elastomer. Adjust the foaming agent can get different hardness and elasticity of the product.
Filler is generally titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, the amount of too much will lead to permanent compression set large, small elasticity.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Adding PE can add tension and tear force, but poor flexibility and easy to stick bad control.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; PU: Polyurethane. Good abrasion resistance, good elasticity and light weight. After lagging foam poor, anti-aging. Not resistant to hydrolysis.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; 2. rubber:
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; 1. Foam rubber elasticity is good.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; 2. Special damping rubber.
Control vibration through three ways: 1. Reduce the source of excitation force; 2. The vibration and the excitation source to leave; 3. To ease the vibration of the vibration body
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; The main performance indicators of shock-absorbing rubber are:
1. Vulcanizate static stiffness, that is, the size of the vulcanized rubber modulus is mainly achieved by adjusting the filler and plasticizer, which is less affected by the plastic.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; 2. Damping performance of vulcanized rubber.
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; 3. Dynamic Modulus
In the general-purpose rubber, butyl rubber and nitrile rubber damping coefficient larger;
SBR, neoprene, silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber damping coefficient of medium;
u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Natural rubber and butadiene rubber have the smallest damping coefficient.
Although the natural rubber damping coefficient of the smallest, but its good overall performance, good fatigue resistance, low heat, creep, and good adhesion to metal. Therefore, natural rubber is widely used in damping rubber. If low temperature resistance is required, it can be used with butadiene rubber. It can be used together with neoprene when it is weather-resistant. When it is oil-resistant, it can be used with nitrile rubber with low acryl content and damping rubber with high dynamic performance at low temperature , Often using silicone rubber. [Previous] [1] [2] [3] [Next]

[Photos] structured style high heels

Designer Sally u0026 middot; Sally MaCereth (Sally MaCereth) said: “Shoes are three-dimensional structure, the practicality is the key. In many ways, a pair of shoes is like a microcosm of a building. “Ultimately, you can admire architecture or understand its fundamentals even if you have not learned architecture. Nicholas Kirkwood, a 25-year-old from London, is another rising star. New York boutique department store Bergdorf Goodmanin and London boutique department store Harrods are his concise, structured design style greatly sought after.
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Future footwear designer contest

International Procurement Festival Organizing Committee in 2008 was informed that “Ai Min children” Cup Italian International Women’s Designer Contest recently entered a critical phase of the review, the “Aimin children” Cup Italian international women’s designer Contest not only won the domestic professional designer shoes, a positive response, but also in the shoe-making powers in Italy also caused a sensation.
With the development of Chengdu shoe industry in recent years, the shoe designer in Chengdu has gradually become a hot industry. Due to the current number of footwear designers can not meet the needs of the market, so a variety of footwear-related design professionals are also very popular. At present, the organizing committee has received more than 150 works from schools in the province.
October 15, during the International Purchasing Festival will host the scene of the designer contest and on-site shoe-making exhibition, and according to the entries in the creative design, process design and on-site shoe-making standards, but also The final group and individual awards will be awarded.
It is worth mentioning that, due to the impact of China’s heat this year, the current Veneto footwear Institute submitted entries, many designers also specifically consider the Chinese elements, many of China’s traditional colors With, line design into the design.

China’s shoes market competitiveness was weak

At present, China’s children’s shoes market polarization, foreign brands occupy the high end, the vast majority of domestic children’s shoes are medium and low. According to the authoritative department survey data show that at present, about 70% of the domestic children’s shoes market is non-branded products, 20% of imported brand children’s shoes, only 10% of domestic brands. Due to the lack of quality, style and other aspects, domestic children’s shoes brand share in the market has been relatively low, especially in large and medium-sized cities in the forefront of children’s shoes sales are foreign brands. At the 2007 International Fair for Children and Youthware and Supplies held in Shanghai, a group of outstanding foreign children’s wear brands from the United States, France, Italy, Britain, Japan and South Korea will be unveiled at the fair, with as many as 40 or more. Among them, Italy’s top international children’s shoes brand bbg attention. u0026 nbsp;

Specifically for the import of children’s shoes agents said that the main reason for the lack of competitiveness of domestic brands of children’s shoes is the lack of research on the physiological characteristics of children, design and market out of touch, poor market accommodation. At present, many domestic children’s shoes, whether from the style to the material, are made with reference to adult shoes, the style is completely reduced adult shoes or adult shoes replica. To design a good pair of children’s shoes, not only to protect the child’s feet from the outside world, but also to meet the growth and development of children’s feet and physiological function of the features of the function. Therefore, the design of children’s shoes R u0026 D personnel requirements, at least should grasp the laws of children’s foot growth and psychological needs and their needs, at the same time, material technology also have considerable knowledge. u0026 nbsp;

In contrast, the design of foreign children’s shoes enterprises with particular attention to the development of the foot. This year, the first Japanese children’s shoes landing on China’s Moon Star, the design of children’s shoes have several special features, taking into account the immature foot child shape, the development of spacious and comfortable asymmetric shoe last prevent hallux valgus; correct bending The outsole design allows the sole to bend along the line connecting the maxilla to the little toe joint and the natural bent position of the soles of the feet, thus preventing flat feet. The box-like structure of the reinforcement encourages the normal development of the child’s foot skeleton and prevents excessive Internal transfer. American apparel company launched in the summer of 2004 called “big bugs” children’s shoes, is a retractable children’s shoes. It has a silver button at the heel, click the soles can be extended to adapt to the rapid growth of children’s feet. u0026 nbsp;

According to insiders, the current phenomenon of increasingly polarized children’s shoes market, children’s shoes brand almost monopolized by foreign brands, vast [Prev] [1] [2] [Next Page ]

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